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Exclusive online boutique Founded by Dayana Mendoza. We focus on supporting all well known and upcoming designers while contributing to the charity organizations that are closest to our hearts. We allow the opportunity for unique designs to be present in the competitive e-commerce market while giving easy access to all consumers to the most fashionable and elegant designs. Now you can shop with significance when getting the fashion that resonates the most to your ideals, believes, heritages and likes while taking immediate action to making positive change in the lives that need it the most.  We thank you! For being part of making our world a better one. 


We Grow By Contribution

 “Due to the current unfortunate environments our countries are facing, between the different Social, Political and Financial crisis, we find that the only way to break through this cycle is by suporting our communities, being involved and connected to the ones that needs us most and actually, doing something about it! We are inspired every day by all the greater possibilities and improvements we can offer to infants, kids, families in real need. We become better humans TODAY by helping them live in a better world. It is significantly important to them, to us, and I believe it is for you as well, adding your contribution at your check out, with no additional cost. We thank you! For being part of this change, and encourage you to continue leaving a positive print in this world, for the better life of others.



-Dayana Mendoza.

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